Wednesday, February 15, 2012


For Emerald

I'm back, the Holidays were a little rough since this is the first Christmas without my youngest daughter but I made it through. My niece had a little girl after Thanksgiving, and by little I mean just a little over 4 lbs! We are going to the Shower tomorrow so I used the Mojo sketch to make her card. The picture just doesn't do it justice, Oh well....will submit it anyway since I don't have a lot of time here. I enjoyed making the little flowers,

Totally spaced getting this posted, and never got to post for Mojo Monday.   Sorry to have been absent but the holidays were really tough on me....and I am coming up on the Anniversary of my Daughter's passing and just can't seem to get into the creative mode.  If you have looked through the postings, Valentine's Day is one of my favorite card making holidays and I am usually pretty productive, but not this it is already and so far all I have done is get the basics for a couple of cards and thrown one together (which I didn't get a picture of ) for my youngest son.  Tomorrow I hope to get a some more done so my kids won't think I've forgotten them.....and they all know they will be late and are willing to wait for them.  Thank the Lord above that they are understanding, of course we are all feeling the loss.  Hope you all had lots of love from friends and family.  Thanks for dropping by.
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Recycling for V-Day

I wanted something for my friend for Valentine's Day that would hold some Chocolate hearts. Although I like
the pretty hearts, I just don't like paying all the money for just a few pieces of candy. I had gotten some
Almond Roca for Christmas (everyone knows I have a fondness for it!) and kept the cans for....whatever might come along so this is what I did with it. Just cut a strip of paper the height of the can.....12 inches was just a little short so I had to piece a little in the back .....oh well...and added a little bling on the top. Tied a ribbon in a bow and there you have it....

Top view....kinda,

Head on shot of the top, pardon the hand.

Hope she enjoys the candy!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!
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