Thursday, March 3, 2011

Irish Lass

Here's today's card, I haven't worked on one in a couple of days......been laid up with a fever for some reason.  I've used an old D.O.T.S. stamp as the focal point and since I wanted a sunrise scene (she's got her cup of coffee/tea), I tried my darndest to draw one with my Copic markers.  I sure do love these markers!  Although it's not professional looking by any means, I think it turned out pretty good for a beginner.  The background is a pretty dainty pattern of very light pink dots, thought it might look like wallpaper....but the pattern doesn't show up well in the photo.  Some more of my D.O.T.S. stuff.  Colored some white card stock to look like wooden flooring and added the Top of the Morning stamp by Studio G.  And of course, keeping in the St. Patty's day mode......a shamrock which had to have some stickles on it because I love sparklies.  Hope you like it.

Miss December - Martha, colored for an Irish Spring mornin'